Intermediate Technologist (m/f/d)

Job description

designaffairs is looking for a technologist to join our Shanghai studio. We’re looking for talents who can creatively apply their extensive knowledge of all things technology to tackling real-world design challenges. You should have an exceptional ability and hunger to learn. We have ambitions to grow our technical branch, with the ambition of elevating human capabilities and experiences through technology. In this role you are part futurist and part pragmatist, you will be a hands-on researcher, consultant, and producer of technology insights, trend forecasts/maps, experiments, prototypes, as well as models that bridge the gap between creative design services and technology systems. 



Our team will rely on you to be our in-house expert on all thing’s technology, you will push the team to realize the transformational potential of intersecting human-centered design with technological progress. Your impact will reveal through actively identifying and highlighting new/disruptive technological developments and ensuring our design talents maximize the potential of technology in creating new products, services, and experiences. We are looking for a person who is fascinated and well versed in a range of the following technologies: smart devices, robotics, sensors, VR, coding (python), AR, distributed ledgers, Arduino, nano and smart materials, IoT and autonomous systems. We are open to how you demonstrate your past project experience, but we really wish to see your passion for the subject matter and hear how you envisage the future. At designaffairs it is very important to us that you engage with the creative process and are passionate about the needs of people.


Please note: Full proficiency in English language is required for this role.